When I decided to indie publish, I was so overwhelmed by the various formatting software options and the costs and learning curves associated with each of them. This is why I now offer an interior formatting service for fellow indie authors! I will use Vellum to format your manuscript to ensure your ebook and paperback both align with your vision.

The Process


Receive Files

You will send me your completed and proofread document in a .docx format.

(This is the only format accepted at this time)



After I receive your file, I will upload your manuscript to Vellum.



We will then work collaboratively to determine which formatting styles and options you prefer for your book.


Generate Files

I will then generate your files and send them to you for your review.



If you find any errors or you have any changes you would like to make, I can make 10 corrections for free.


Final Files

Once you're happy with your formatted manuscript, I will generate the final files and send to you. You can then upload your files to retailers!


Files for All Platforms

You will receive book files that are formatted according to your specifications. I can deliver files in various formats to meet the requirements of different retailers and platforms, such as epub and PDF.

Proof Corrections

You will also get the first 10 proof corrections free. If you need any additional corrections, I will make those updates as soon as possible, though a fee for these additional corrections will be charged.

Proofreading Services

I also offer proofreading services, so if you need another pair of eyes to comb over your manuscript, I can proofread your manuscript before performing my formatting service.


Ebook Formatting

I will format your ebook to create a seamless reading experience for your readers!
  • Includes Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google, and a Generic file

Paperback Formatting

If you want a paperback option for your readers, we can collaborate to make a beautiful print for shelves.
  • PDF format for various online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IngramSpark

Proofing Updates

Spelling and grammatical errors can slip through the cracks, so if you need last-minute updates, I can handle those for you!


You can select from various Print Settings, Styles, and Body Styles to format a book that meets your exact vision.

Choose Your Retailer

eBooks enrolled in Kindle Unlimited are only available through Amazon.

Don’t have a Kindle?

  1. Purchase the ebook you’d like to read on a non-Kindle device through Amazon.

  2. Email your Amazon proof of purchase to Harmony's assistant, at

  3. Receive your personalized, one-time download link that will enable you to read on your e-Reader of choice.

Have a smart phone?

You can get the Kindle App on your phone and start reading instantly. CLICK HERE to learn more on Amazon and download the app.

Please note:

This is ONLY for ebooks. Meaning, you must purchase the ebook through Amazon to get a read anywhere link for an ebook. Other formats purchased (such as a paperback) do not qualify to receive an eBook.