If You Dare

A Dark Hockey Bully Romance

The judge didn’t serve justice. But the Devils will.


I never meant to hurt anybody.

Chloe was my best friend, and that night, we were drunk and stupid. We never backed down from a dare, and the one time she did, I wouldn’t let her.

Even though it was an accident, no one believes me. She was the girl everyone loved, and now I’m the girl everyone hates.

I can’t pretend their punishments don’t hurt. Especially his. Her brother, the hockey captain I once called a friend. The man I thought, someday, might be something more.

Now Wes hates me too. And he’s not quiet about it.

But I can’t fight back. Because I deserve it all.


Before, Violet was the girl I wanted but couldn’t have.

Now, my sister is dead, and she’s the girl I can’t stand.

Violet is getting everything she doesn’t deserve. Protection. Freedom. Her life.

She gets to keep living, even after she put my sister in the ground.

So I’m enlisting my team to make every second of her life as miserable as possible. Because that’s what she deserves.

Violet is going to pay for what she’s done. The Devils will make sure of it.

Hockey player hero, bully, masked men, possessive/obsessive hero, best friend's brother, "you're mine," touch her and die. revenge, "crawl to me," primal play
Spoiler Alert Content Warning
Graphic sexual content, bullying, stabbing, breath play, hand necklaces, drugging, dubcon, death


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