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Her Saint

Saint and Sinner Duet #1

He’s a writer who’s finally found his muse . . . and he’s never letting her go.


My student is stalking me.

Saint de Haas follows me around campus, to my car, to my house. He insists I’m his muse, no matter how much I object, and he wants to keep me all to himself. So when my date turns up dead, I know whose fingerprints are all over the crime scene.

Saint is smart, but I’m smarter. I’m going to prove he’s stalking me and get him thrown behind bars. And no matter what he says, I’m sure as hell not going to fall for my stalker.


I’ve finally found my muse, and I’m never letting her go. 

But Briar is so busy hiding and running from me, she doesn’t notice how I’m improving her life. I get rid of her loser date who’s hiding a few girlfriends and venereal diseases. I follow her around campus so her boss doesn’t try something worse than groping her in class.

I can make all her dreams come true. Give her anything her heart desires. If she’d just stop running and give in.

She’s my muse, and when I finally make her mine, I’ll be her saint.

Continue Briar and Saint’s story with book two in the Saint and Sinner Duet, His Sinner.

Stalker, masked man, student-teacher, touch her and die, obsessive/possessive MMC, serial killer MMC, secret identity, hidden cameras, he’d crawl to her, primal play
Spoiler Alert Content Warning
Stalking, kidnapping, mention of domestic violence, torture, dismemberment, death


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Yes, Her Saint ends on a cliffhanger. The sequel, His Sinner, picks up where Her Saint ends.

Her Saint is dual POV.

Her Saint includes explicit sexual content. However, this is more of a plot-heavy slow burn. The sequel, His Sinner, is spicier.

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