Diamond Devils Book 2


No one can compete with my dream girl. But she’s already dead.

With Chloe gone, hockey and college are all I care about now. Until Sienna shows up.

After what happened the night we met, I need more of her. All of her. But she’s convinced she needs to stay away from me.

Too bad I won’t let her.


After one reckless night together, Luke Valentine has his sights set on me. If the circumstances were different, maybe I’d want him too, but he’s unpredictable, volatile, and entirely forbidden. Once we’re on campus together, staying away from him is impossible. He’s lurking around every corner, waiting for any chance to catch me alone.

Luke is determined to make me his, no matter how wrong it is, and with every move he makes, I’m finding it harder and harder to resist him. The more I learn about the soft heart beneath the tough exterior, the more I want him back.

Except the closer I get to cracking Luke’s hard shell, the closer he gets to cracking mine. And some secrets are better off buried…

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