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About Harmony

Harmony West is a dark romance author. She enjoys her love stories with mystery, suspense, spice, and forbidden love.

Her books include the Saint and Sinner Duet, the Diamond Devils series, and the standalones Always with You and Captivate Me, with many more books to come.

When not writing, she can be found reading romance, playing video games, and chatting with her readers on social media. You can connect with Harmony online at @authorharmonywest. You can also subscribe to her newsletter to get the latest updates about her books sent directly to your inbox.


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I worked with a web developer called Alante Web Design. As a new business owner with a small budget, I’m so grateful to them for building a website for me that is beautiful, functional, and branded exactly as I wanted, which I was able to get at a really affordable price since I wrote all the content.

If you’re an author looking for a web designer who can help you create a website to showcase your books and set up a shop to sell signed copies or ebooks, I highly recommend working with Alante Web Design.

Indie publishing gives me the freedom to decide which books I publish and when. Traditional publishing relies on getting approval from many other people and waiting years between a book deal and publication. I write faster than traditional publishing accommodates and I want to be able to share all my stories with you!

I’m currently working on my masked hockey romance series of interconnected standalones, the Diamond Devils series!

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SPICY. My books contain explicit, on-page sex scenes appropriate for readers 18+. Each book varies in terms of spice. Always with You is my least spicy book, for example.

Since I learned how to read and spell, I’ve been writing. I started writing novels at 14 and wrote about a book every year through high school and college, sometimes two or three books and sometimes none. Always with You is my 12th manuscript and my first one published.

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